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quick update

As it turns out, we’re home this week instead of up visiting with my parents. Dad started chemo on Friday and felt so well afterwards that they headed up to their cabin in northern MN Sat. morning. I just couldn’t justify driving 8+ hours for only a couple days so we chose to stay home […]

Nick again

Well, it’s been bad lately. Lots of crying, lots of poor sleep, appetite is not what it once was. I finally bit the bullet and called his GI doc this morning. We’re going back to see him next Thursday. It means we’ll have to come back home earlier than I had planned but we really […]


I broke it to Adam this weekend when we were up in Minnesota and I’m now saying it here. I’m afraid Nick is having trouble with his reflux again and it’s breaking my heart.

He’s been doing so well for so long but on Thurs night at my sister’s house, he had a very […]

Are they cousins or what?

Here’s Megan with her cousin, K. They’re a year apart. Any family resemblance there?

Meganism – mommy oops

So we’re driving up north yesterday and I’m hoping and praying my kids will sleep, to no avail. Finally it gets quiet in the back of the van and i’m afraid to even look back there, but am so excited that they must be falling asleep. All of a sudden, there’s this huge (happy, excited) […]