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Megan’s final touch

The last thing that still needed to go in Megan’s room was some flowers that she specifically said she wanted when we were talking about redecorating. I picked some out and bought a little vase to put them in. Vases are boring, though, and Megan is one of the least boring people that I know, […]


Nick got his 2nd dose of meds late last night (10:45) after waking several times and crying “owie, owie, owie”. He’s not ready yet. 🙁

Nick’s doing sentences now…

Don’t miss my post below this one about my caterpillars…

I was just feeding the kids a quick supper before we go to swmiming and after Nick finished his hot dogs, he asked for more dinner and I got him some cheese. I put it on his tray, he picked it up and gave it […]


Did you know chrysalides is the plural of chrysalis? Me either. You learn something new every day! 🙂

Anyway, here’s my 3 caterpillars hanging from the lid of the container last night. the lighting is horrible but it shows them…this picture is flash-burnt but also shows them last nightand here they are this morning. […]

Nick’s scaling back

Well, I’ve done it. Or rather, I haven’t done it. I didn’t give Nick his 2nd dose of meds today and will continue with that until we know how he’s doing without. I’m terrified but also hopeful. I really hope there’s a day somewhere in the near future where I can say that Nick is […]