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Beautiful gardens

ok I should be packing, but I had to share my beautiful flowers! This is my butterfly/hummingbird garden. I am so excited about how things are coming along, despite not knowing what the heck I’m doing. 🙂 I have a couple that are already flowering but thsoe are ones that went in just this year. […]

What a weekend!!!

It has been SUCH a great weekend (with a few not-so-great moments along the way)!! We’ve been loving having Adam home and we’ve been doing lots and lots of fun stuff. We’ve been so busy that I’ve had no time for blogging. This is to catch up and make up for that.

Thursday after the […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

Megan’s last day of preschool was today. She was all excited to go. She wanted to wear a fancy dress (she wore her flower girl dress) and she was eager to get her picture taken with her teachers. We got to school and even getting out of the van, she reminded me to bring the […]

Megan’s End of the Year Program

OK so there isn’t much because my battery was dead on the camcorder and I had to stop it a couple times because Nick took off running away from me but here she is (and the rest of the preschoolers) singing today…



Nick’s got another ear infection. While I hate seeing him feeling so so awful (and it’s particularly bad this time!), it’s nice to know that Mommy’s intuition was spot-on this time…