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Shelley’s todo for the week…

Adam’s granddad is turning 90 on Friday and there’s a big party to celebrate. I need to get my house ready for visitors and get us ready to spend some time with them along with about 8000 other things before then… I’m going to need a list or I’ll never get it all done!

laundry […]

felt food part 2

Here’s my latest food!

Ham and cheese with a tomato and some picklesand some cucumbers on the side…My favorite thus far? Bananas…PB&J on white…Unless you’re my daughter. Then it’s PBJ&H (honey)…


Anybody want a cookie?

Here’s my felt cookies!

Felt food!

Thanks to my friend Megan, I got on a felt food kick. I had gotten the kids’ kitchen out this weekend and always get so frustrated that everything down there is dishes, that there’s veyr little food to put on the plates, and the food we have is broken. Blech! So I got sewing… Here’s […]

meganism – daddy

So we went to another park last night (not even one on our list – this was a county park, not a city one) and we were telling MEgan about it when we were eating supper. We told her that this park didn’t have a playground, only a walking/biking path (she was going to ride […]