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can’t just be healthy…

Well, last night was another really really bad night for Nick. He woke up shortly after midnight and was awake either in our arms or in his crib crying until roughly 4:30. It crossed my mind around 4 that maybe his Amoxicillin wasn’t doing the trick for his ear infections and then when he cried […]

Random Picture Challenge

OK this week’s random picture challenge from Four Little Men and Girly Twins is as follows:

27th folderor December 200727th picture

Here’s mine!

Awww… it’s my dear sweet kiddos adoring each other. Megan used to love holding her baby brother on her lap and now 14 months later, she still does – he’s just a […]

Megan’s b-day party

Nick LOVED Megan’s balloons!

Megan blowing out her candles while Z watches

Kelly in one of Megan’s felt hats

Mommy trying on some of MEgan’s animal felt hats

Megan admiring her bows

Nick, Z and A watching Megan open gifts.

Megan opening gifts while Z and her brother look on.

Megan opening her gift from […]

meganism — b-day cake

********Don’t miss the cake pictures in the post below this one!!

OK so I don’t forget this… I was frosting the cake using this pattern and Megan was watching me very closely. When I got to Dora’s shirt and the number 5, I started putting in a 4 instead. Megan looked at it several times […]


It turned out great! And not only that, but Megan loved it! What a fantastic day it’s been! I can’t wait to share about it all but am going to be social tonight (my sisters-in-law are still here) so I’ll do that tomorrow sometime. 🙂

Here’s creepy Dora before frosting her eyes. Megan wasn’t so […]