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A whole bunch of pictures

What a fun weekend it’s been! Adam got home yesterday (YAY!) and we went out and bought a Wii (YAY!). And that was just last night! We’ve had a very fun day today too… Here it is in pictures (and captions)

This isn’t a picture from this weekend, but Megan made this on White Day […]

My thoughts for the day

Megan is such a girly girl and would do anything for her dolls. she’s adorable to watch when she’s playing with them.

Megan would also spend her day in front of the tv if she had her way. This would win out over the tv.

Megan loves to dance. I wish I did more. I […]

GGs and their dogs

Alright, alright… I already know I’m certifiably insane when it comes to these Groovy Girls but last week when we went to playgroup, we went to McDonald’s (see a trend going here? It’s all for the same reason… keep on reading) and the kids got these dogs in their happy meals. I casually mentioned to […]

I think I finally figured it out

As for my house right at this very second (and it’s been this way all week)…

I have good control over the females in this house (myself and Megan).The males in this house (Rusty and Nick) I can’t get under control and it drives me mad.

That is all.

This afternoon…

Ok so Adam’s in CA this week and I’m single parenting it. The first night was pretty rough with Nick not sleeping yet again but the days have gone quite well and we’ve stayed busy and the days have gone by fast. One of the things I’ve done this time to help Megan have more […]