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Nick’s words…

OK as of 12-30-08 this is what we have for words

Speaking:woof (whenever a dog walks into the room, sounds more like foof)quack (first word “gack”)bye (only on his terms, not prompted at all)Dada (just started that this past weekend)donethank you “teh teh”growling for appropriate animalsballoon “b’oogn” (and the b usually goes with drool and […]

My latest project

Now that Nick’s changing table is in the closet, he’s kind of in a cave and I wanted to make him something to look at. While at the grocery store yesterday, I picked up two truck magazines and cut out truck pictures. Here’s how it turned out!



I’m starting to think that 12 hours of vomiting would have been easier for the whole family than the 5 days of diarrhea we’ve had thus far. I was so looking forward to Adam’s week off so that we could go out and do fun stuff and instead we’re stuck at home with a horribly […]


I’ve been working hard these past couple weeks to declutter rooms in our house. I started with Megan’s room (while she was at preschool – unfair, but MUCH easier) and purged a ton of toys. Many she was just too old for and others were junk. They all either got packed away for Nick to […]

More geeky pictures!

Well, we finally did it… Nick sat down at Megan’s computer and played for a while. what a HAPPY boy that made him!