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Big Nick post

3 biggies for Nick today…

1 – he got rid of his baby sippy cups and has moved to ones with no handles (but still with lids). They make him angry because he is constantly holding them with the spout upside down but he’ll figure it out – he’s no dummy…

2 – he’s moved […]

So proud, so shocked…

** There are two other posts from today below this – don’t miss them!

Megan’s coloring has always been scribbles. Never have we seen any objects in her painting except at preschool when we went and looked at her portfolio and saw a self portrait that actually looked like a person. I was stunned, to […]


Two good things about this… 1 is that the other car wasn’t hurt at all and the other is that I was not behind the wheel when it happened. Poor van.

ETA: I still love you Adam!

Nick’s stocking is done!

Adam has a Christmas stocking that was needle pointed by Ami, his paternal grandmother. It’s beautiful and something that I can do, so I decided when we had kids that that’s what I would do for our kids. It’s turned into something of a family project as once I got the needle pointing done, I […]

Our Thanksgiving

**There’s another post from a couple hours ago below this one – don’t miss it… It hits the major highlights of the day!

So we left here early on Wed. 7:30 or so… we were in Decorah around 9:30 and visited with Adam’s grandparents for about an hour. We then went up to St. Paul […]