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Nick yogurt note to self

Silk Live Soy Yogurt = puking. Don’t eat that again.

My latest project idea

OK so I saw an idea online and took hold of it and now can’t wait to get started!

Megan is fascinated by letters and what letters are in things these days so I want to make an alphabet book. I want to take pictures of the kids doing things from every letter of the […]

Slow down, Shelley!

My daughter is so wonderful and sweet. Lunchtime (and breakfast and supper, too) is a very very stressful time for me. I’m trying to get everything ready for the kids, get them drinks and food, etc. all while they’re crabby (and usually I’m crabby) because of the whole hunger factor. It’s not much fun and […]

My sewing projects!

I’ll have to update my sewing todo because I was busy this afternoon! Oh, and Jodi if you’re reading this, stop.

I got 4 tutus made (2 for Megan, to for her cousin Maggie who is my goddaughter – they’ll be here Christmas gift). Aren’t they cute? Of course, I have an adorable model! She […]

My garden

OK so I didn’t do nearly as well as I had planned on my garden this year. We had a rotten growing year with way too much rain, but we had some tomatoes, we had our watermelon, and I’m hopeful that next year we can try the beans or snap peas again. We have a […]