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Proof that Mommy didn’t learn this lesson…

Remember this post? Yeah, that was a mess.

Well guess what? I went outside to get the Burley set up outside so we could go to the park and came in and it was far too silent. Yeah, that’s always a bad sign!! I started looking around and then heard Rusty’s dog bowls clanging. I […]


Megan’s been pushing more and more for independence lately and I’m all for it! But it also reminds me that my baby is growing up and I’m just not ready for that!

After swimming lessons tonight (which she did great at again!!) she told me that she wanted to get changed all by herself. […]


Megan comes running out of the bathroom with her pants around her ankles… “Mommy! I have train tracks!!!” I get up and go over to her and look at her waistline. Her undies are too tight and have left a mark. I guess I need to buy some new underwear for that girl!

Wordless Wednesdays – book reading

Megan’s newest bike

It’s getting crazy! lol This is bike #3 for Megan! I don’t even know if I blogged about the 2nd one. She had her blue bike already. It has training wheels. She’s gotten great at pedaling, but the lack of balance has really bitten her in the butt. She’s falling off it because she tries […]