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Disasterous afternoon

You know, it’s fairly rare that I lose complete control of my house. But today was one of those days.

We went grocery shopping this morning and I decided I should pick up some more chicken to make grilled chicken for my salads since Nick is eating it all and I bought 15 lbs. That’s […]

6-29 todo

grocery shopclean bedrooms (and really do it this week!!!)weed kids’ gardenclean basement for companylaundryclean bathroomclean kitchenclean out fridgepaint bottom of walls in basemente-mail LL with final plans

Driveway project part 2

I finished it! The sand needs to get washed away so it doesn’t look the best yet, but it’s not too bad!


It’s over, he finished! Adam finished his last class for his MBA yesterday and he’s now done! I am so very proud of him and am so so so so glad that he’s done and we get to spend more time with him again. I just hope he doesn’t get sick of us! lol

We […]

things you never tell your child…

I’m sure this could be quite the list (and if you have any “secrets” of your own, please feel free to add comments) but we had a biggie tonight.

I bought Megan a shirt a couple week ago – it has Pooh and Darby on it and she wears it every time it ends up […]