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Biking pics

We had a good ride today, despite the detour… Since our goal is to hit all of the bike trails this summer, we conquered (sort of) a small trail this afternoon in Marion. There was a tree down on the trail about a mile in and then the bridge was out just past that because […]

Daddy time!

Megan is having so so so much fun having Daddy around on the weekends! She has spent pretty much all day with him today so far. First thing this morning they went up on the garage roof and got it tarred. They then went into the garage to get Adam’s last shock off of his […]

He did it!!

We put Nick down to sleep at 8 last night, as usual. It’s now 6:30 and we haven’t heard a peep from him. Wow, we ALL needed this!!!!!

todo 5-30-08

OK I took a vacation from cleaning this week because our house was relatively clean from having Dan and Brooke over for supper this past weekend. Now I need to get going again – we have 2 weeks until my MIL, SILs and one of Shannon’s friends comes and stays at our house. it needs […]

c’mon summer!!

Megan, Nick and I finally went to the rec. department today and picked up Nick’s pool pass. I’m so so excited to get these two fish in the pool and can’t wait until it finally warms up enough that we can do that. c’mon summer, I’m ready for you!!