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More pictures, more progress, and excitement

We did great today! This morning Dad worked on putting in an extension for the heat register in the pipe chase in the family room and then while we were at the park he got to thinking about the sleeping area of the back room and got an idea. So he’s going to do it […]

More progress!

After dealing with wiring problems we had all over the place (a work box was hot – the box itself was – not a good thing) so there was a lot of work done to get that all fixed last night. Dad and Adam worked quite a while but look! For the first time in […]

Basement pics

Yesterday was a bit slow as Dad spent most of his time figuring things out rather than actually doing stuff. Then they had a wiring problem that has yet to be solved. Hopefully he and Adam can talk that over tonight and then I think the pipe chase will be done pretty quickly. As you […]

Weekend Pictures

Well, Adam started his 2nd to last class this past weekend. We’ve got 4 weeks of it, 2 weeks off and then another 4 week class and then he’s done! I can’t wait… The pics above are all of the binders & papers he has gone through so far. However, it’s 8 weekends where we […]

todo 4-28

Dad’s here this week to work on finishing the basement. He’s planning on putting the trim around the door (after he adjusts it so it opens every time – a real bonus! lol), finishing up the pipe chase, and maybe putting some ceiling up in the back room where the guest room is. We’ll see […]