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teeth rant

OK I swear Nick really did get a tooth on Friday. I felt it. Several times. Well, it’s gone now. Damn thing. This just isn’t fair. How can it be 100% through (yes, I felt the whole thing) and now have it gone? I know this is something Andi had mentioned it but I never […]

3-30-08 todo list

Whew! we’re mostly healthy, we survived Megan’s party (and it was a ton of fun!) and now it’s time to get ready for spring! This week I’m going to start spring cleaning. I love this time of year! Trees are starting to bud, snow is melting (or is melted), and I need a clean house […]

Nick’s food report card updated…

Formula: Eh, it gets me what I need. BRice Cereal: Refuse to eat it. F-Oatmeal Cereal: It’s better than that rice stuff… B-Sweet Potatoes made by Mommy: Wow! Good stuff! ASquash: Not too shabby, but I’ve had better… BCarrots: B+

Butterfly cake!

I’m so so happy with it! It’s certainly not professional looking but the frosting tastes fantastic (thanks Lorie!!!) and Megan’s going to be so excited! I need to go and get her so she can see it now. 🙂


Finally! A tooth!

After not napping this morning and doing lots and lots (and lots and lots) of crying, my poor little baby has his first tooth. #2 is coming soon after, I’d guess.