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Finished… sort of

The ceiling is done! I’m so so so happy with how it turned out and think that between the new tiles and the new lights it’s a totally different area! My goal for this weekend is to get the place vacuumed up and then I hope by Wed or so of next week I can […]

Noon pics Thursday

I took pics last night and planned to upload them but Nick cried and cried (and cried and cried) all evening last night, so no go on that. So I’ve got some pics of the work Dad did today while we were at playgroup also…

I’m thrilled with the ceiling, but as you can see […]

afternoon pics

We’re making great progress! This is what we’ve done this afternoon. We got nearly the rest of the grid up (and then Nick woke up hungry and super poopy) and I put in a lot of the tiles – I just had to stop where I did because Dad needed to get the rest […]

More basement progress

I haven’t been online much again today, even though I wanted to and figured I would be after Mom left, but no go. However, today it’s because Dad needs help in the basement. We’ve made good progress and I’m excited about how it’s going to look. He’s got to do wiring in a lot of […]

My basement

Mom & Dad came to visit this week. Mom came to see the kids, and Dad came to see the kids, but also to do the ceiling in the basement. They pulled it out when Nick was born and we’ve just had the exposed joists since then. He’s using the CeilingMax” system and I think […]