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Such a proud Mommy…

Ever since Megan was a teeny tiny baby we knew she was a baby who liked to suck. We started the pacifier when she was a few days old and that started the love/hate relationship with her plug. She loved it, we hated it. Every time it fell out of her mouth, she cried until […]

This week

It’s been a busy couple of days around here. Monday was a strange strange day around here. Adam’s got class Mon and Wed this semester so I knew I’d have both kids to myself that day. I always do better knowing beforehand. Anyway… Nick was just off all day. He fought his bottles, slept tons, […]

My singing girl…

There’s nothing cuter than little kids singing and here’s proof!


There’s nothing sweeter in the world to hear than a child’s laughter. Nick started giggling a couple weeks ago for his daddy but it wasn’t until today that I finally got good giggles out of him myself. Ahhh, what a sound. I sure love that boy.

Sewing project

Megan is a girly girl. I don’t know how it happened. I’m certainly not! I bought a skort a week ago at Stuff Etc for her and she wore it to church last week and loved it. So I went fabric shopping and today spent the afternoon cutting out 5 skorts for her. I got […]